Robe Ecolor 250 XT

Robe Ecolor 250 XT

Ecolor 250 XT is an architectural pogodozaschischennyy (Ip65) searchlight with the synthesis of color of CMY. The characteristic feature of device of Ecolor 250 XT is universal optical system with regulation of corner shining from 8° to 22° and possibility of management a form shining by means of effect of frost (shining razmytie) and built-in mechanism of forming shining in an oval (vertical or horizontal). It provides adaptation of svetoraspredeleniya device for practically any terms of illumination.


The functions of autonomous behavior are given by possibility of creation of 3 personal programs and possibility of synchronization of work of a few devices, it allows valuably to use the system from one and more than device of Ecolor 250 XT without additional control units. In this case commands operate from internal CU and computer-integrated with him photosensitive controls of touch and internal clock.


Electromechanics effects

  • The system of synthesis of color of CMY is Effects, managed by hand with opening of corps
  •  shining (oval) the change of form, frost-filter
  •  Dimmer is a complete range of regulation of brightness
  •  Degree of defence of device of Ip65
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