ROBE Spot 250 XT


ROBE Spot 250 XT  - the future is accessible! A device has a wheel of Gobo with 10th static gobo, including 2 removable slot + opened, possibility of smooth turn and effect of «shaking» of gobo, effect of rainbow in both directions, hand tuning of focus, joint dimmery/shater + strob-effekt (maximally 10 vspyshek/sek).

Clubspot is the good investment of money. He is ideal for small and middle apartments, bars, restaurants, befits for tancploschadok.  Budgetary version well the known device of Spot 250 XT is equipped all necessary functions in the number of which: wheel from 10 static gobo, 2 from them commutable, wheel of color with 11 colour filters, hand focusing, stroboskopirovanie and dimmer.

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