Fatboy Slim

Fatboy Slim

The capital of Ukraine for the first time adopted a legendary producer Fatboy Slim. The concert took place the International Exhibition Center. The two-hour set from Fatboy Slim to high quality. The audience was very recent and leaped under the tracks for the Briton struggled.

All sound equipment on stage, it was all courtesy of Grandmaster: 4 pieces ARCS TOP, 18 units L-acoustics KUDO, 8shtuk L-acoustics SB 28, 10 pcs L-acoustics SB 218, 4 pcs L-acoustics 115 XT HiQ, 2 pieces dvSUB. Was also used four CD-Player Pioneer CDJ 1000 MK3.

Park Residence


In the park area at the French Boulevard on two floors with spacious terraces, with a basin area located entertainment restaurant complex with luxurious design and amazingly comfortable surroundings Park Residence. For a private party in the park were Nikita, Olga Gorbachev, Hot Chocolate.

All lighting equipment for stage, lighting console, the best svetooperatory and lighting, all courtesy of Grandmaster: 8 scanners Robe 575, 8 Robe 575 moving heads, 2 servo spotlight LDR Canto.Was also used podium 6 × 6 m, 15 kW audio L-acoustics ARCS, SGM PILOT 3000, Mixer Live GB8 32Ch Soundcraft and LED screen Led 3 × 4 meters.

Pique vests 2010


Festival "pique vests has been held since 1991 in memory of the famous Odessa rock musician and band leader" Bastion "Igor Gankeviche.

XX rock festival named after Igor Gankevicha "pique waistcoats" was held on August 29 at the Kulikov Field in Odessa.At the festival were: The Toobes (Minsk), "slot" (Moscow), "Tabula Rasa" (Kiev), Green Silence (Lvov), Mahagon (Chisinau), Nameless (Ternopil), "Znaydenі rechі" (Ismail), Maknamara (Chernivtsi), "Kukryniksy" (St. Petersburg), as well as two teams of Odessa - DeePole and Dexessus.

All lighting equipment for stage, lighting console, the best svetooperatory and lighting, all courtesy of Grandmaster: 12 scanners Robe 575, 10 Robe moving heads 575, 72 Par 64 spotlights, 8 molfeev (light percussion), 4 strobe SGM1500.

Andrea Bocelli in Astana

Andrea Bocelli in Astana

The company brought the Grand Master for rent 100 kw sound L-acoustic concert by Andrea Bocelli on the inauguration of TRC "Khan Shatyr" in Astana.
As an FOH-18 system used akustichesskih systems L-acoustics KUDO, 4 more acoustic cabinet KUDO serve the central cluster, and strengthening of sub-bass is about 12 subwoofer L-acoustics SB 218.

Ark SPA palace


The presentation in Ark SPA palace has passed the Grandee the Master is simply more tremendous thanks to fantastic laser show and magic atmosphere of a holiday of the company created by means of outstanding technical possibilities.